Creating The PAVARA sink tidy

How I created the 'PAVARA sink tidy'

It all began just over three years ago, whilst designing the layout of my new kitchen. I wanted to create a modern and minimalist look, with clear lines. This was achievable for the whole kitchen, but with one exception, the sink area. I couldn’t seem to find any suitable design solution to host or hide the washing up liquid, hand soap or sponges. After contacting several kitchen showrooms and researching the current sink tidy options, I was confused as to why no one had thought of a solution for a minimalist kitchen. The current options were only partly covering the washing up bottles, which is unpleasing to the eye. The other suggestion from kitchen showrooms was to store everything under the sink and take it out when needed. This would mean, not only having wet sponges under the sink, which would smell, but also if your hands are dirty, you would touch the cupboard door, with dirty hands when opening.

After a few days of thinking about a solution, I sketched out a picture of what was soon to become the ‘PAVARA sink tidy’. I spent some time researching the different design companies on the market and then decided to contact D2M Innovation.

Three years and many prototypes later, finally I had created the ‘PAVARA sink tidy’. After bringing the prototype home to use, I knew that I had to share this with everyone. It was so easy to use, the unit revolves manually to reveal the contents (washing up liquid, hand wash, sponge). The base is perforated to allow excess water to drain through. When you have finished using the unit, you just simply turn it around, so that it matches the aesthetics of your kitchen. With its high gloss finish, it not only looks sleek and elegant, but is a welcome addition to any kitchen. We were incredibly lucky to have the input from the designer behind Jamie Oliver's kitchenware range. He made some important modifications to our final product.

PAVARA stands for Providing A Viable Aesthetic Result Anywhere.

As a busy mum of two children, I know how important it is to have solutions to keep your kitchen tidy and I hope you will enjoy using the ‘PAVARA sink tidy’ as much as I have.

It has been a long journey as I have self-funded this project.

With the patent filed and the design registered, I am thrilled and excited to be able to share it with everyone, so that you too can enjoy a functional but tidy sink area.